Liberty Import export, llc , your Unique Products International Distributors

We do 2 things, and we do them very well:
.We send you products from the US (any quantity)
.We help you get your products in the US and guide you if you want to expand to the US market

Three Questions:

1) Do you have a store and are getting the same products as your competitors?

2) Do your customers feel that you that you don't have the biggest variety of products but you really want to have all brands of your product line just to have it and show them that your store carries the "whole line" ? Well, this is where Liberty Import Export, llc comes in.

3)Do you want to add products that your competitors don't have but you do not want to order more than a few just to "test" your market and customers if they will really buy ?

if you answered YES to any one of these, then let's talk!

We help you for free select products to add to your display areas, even if you don't want to sell them but just want to "have them". We will obtain the products and ship them to you at affordable resellable prices, so you can even make a good profit ! Of course, the more you buy, the more discount we give you.

With its main offices in the sereine areas of Kennesaw GA USA, Liberty Import export, llc sells a variety of products to the local US market, Europe, Canada and Australia. We are currently accepting Price Lists and new products from manufacturers/vendors and are also interested in having more distributors internationally.
If you have a store in any country and would like to order any product from USA (where allowed by international law), please fill the contact us form and let us know what you are intereted in and how to contact you back.